Celebrate July 5th, 1776!

Everyone knows about July 4th, 1776. In the United States, it’s remembered and celebrated as Independence Day. But from what? What were they independent of?

They made bold audacious declarations, including their freedom and soveriegn status.

But on July 5th, when they woke up? What did they find, the Red Coats packing their bags and heading out of town? Did they find champagne and fireworks?

No they found frustration. Challenge. Problems, lots of them.

It was July 5th, the day they had to fight for, to defend, to pursure, to double-down, to reach higher, to, to look haaaarder right?

Yes make bold declarations, please do it now. Tell me, tell yourself, tell them, what you declare, with grit and moxie slam your fists down on the table with your dreams and asiprations. Sign it with big looping signature. Then, then you go to work.

July 4th, it’s not the day Britain granted and agreed, but it’s the truly the day they became indepednent of the most salicious and disgusting burden >> limiting self beliefs. July 4th, that’s the day they became independent of their limiting beliefs.

A day when they declared they were going to hire new employees, buy that division, build the new warehouse, do fertility treatment, start the novel, lift the weights, make the call . . . and be who they were meant to be.

And how long, how many years did it take Britain to agree to this? How long will it take you to build your new land of freedom and opportunity, how long to roll out the blue prints in your Invisible World? Well, join the show and listen to the miniseries episodes, Declaration of Indie.

I feel like makin’ dreams come true–signed your declaration and let’s go miracles!

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