Do you have a Grandpa Joe?


In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, young Charlie Bucket never gave up the hope of a better life.

Yes one day, he did receive a Golden Ticket, but really, for what? What was so great about the Golden Ticket? After all it was merely an invitation for a group tour of a candy factory–But just as pivotal as the Golden Ticket was his celebratory Grandpa Joe.

Remember what he said in the song, “Suddenly half the world is ours!” What perspective!

Granpa Joe, jumping up and down on the bed for this incredible opportunity. Grandpa Joe knew it wasn’t about the factory tour, or the chocolate, it was about believing and pursuing your dreams. About the possibility of life changing and becoming what you wish for.

Do you have a Golden Ticket? What is it? Do you have more than one? Do you have a Grandpa Joe jumping up and down on the bed cheering for you? Stack your team, your life, with Grandpa Joes, that’s how you stack miracles.

This is one of our best miniseries on the show, check out “But I Want It Now” episodes for more.

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